New iPad App helps kids to learn to read by writing

18 June — The Write to Read app for iPad is an educational app that helps kids from aged 3 upwards to learn to read by writing. Developed by an award-winning Danish teacher, the app allows children to create and share stories about things they love - through words and pictures brought together on an iPad. During this creative process the kids become better at reading and writing. WriteReader app is the #1 app in Denmark, and is now available in the UK from iTunes, priced £4.99. (See video below)

June 2013

  1. Jun 18

    Meet the experts behind the new Write to Read App

    Janus Madsen Janus is a 41 year old primary school teacher and creator of the Write to Read app. Janus has taught Danish language, mathematics, natural science and sport at primary schools in Odense, Denmark since 1996. In 1998, he became actively involved in developing several teaching resources for mathematics and the Danish language, and was awarded first prize for “Best Teaching Resource of the Year” by the Danish Ministry of Education in 2007. Janus has lectured for the pas...
  2. Jun 18

    Swedish research shows how using ICT can improve literacy skills

    An Article to be published in 'Computers & Eductaion', Volume 67, September 2013, which presents and tests the ICT-based Write to Read method: learning to read by writing.
  3. Jun 18

    Background Info to Write to Read: A new approach to literacy

    Kjeld Kjertmann, (Ph.D, Associate Professor (retired), Department of Curriculum Research, The Danish University of Education) explains the educational theory and scientific research behind the Write to Read app for iPad.